Office Space Reconfiguration

Office Space Reconfiguration                      

Want to redo your office space without breaking the bank? All it takes is a little reconfiguration. At West Michigan Office Interiors, our designers can freshen up your layout and make the most of what you already have through our office space reconfiguration services.
Don’t need new furniture? Not ready to commit to a full redesign? No problem. Reconfiguration is a low-cost solution with great rewards. We’ll rearrange your existing setup to improve both workflow and aesthetic value. By the time we’re done, your office will still be the same space you know and love, but with a brand new look and feel that employees and visitors alike can enjoy.
Office Space Reconfiguration

What Office Space Reconfiguration Includes

As one of the top office layout planners in the region, West Michigan Office Interiors has reconfigured offices throughout Holland, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Ann Arbor, and beyond. Whether your space is big or small, single-story, or multi-story, we can provide solutions that work for you. Here’s what you can expect when you partner with us for your reconfiguration project:
  • Consultation with an expert office layout planner to discuss your goals
  • Full space evaluation with measurements, an inventory assessment, and a free quote
  • Multidimensional blueprints that bring the vision of your newly reconfigured office to life
  • A professional installation crew (in uniform) to do all the heavy lifting and rearrange the space for you

Reasons to Reconfigure

Over the years, we’ve found that there are many reasons why a business owner might want to freshen up their space. Whatever your goals are, your office layout planner will be happy to accommodate them as they draft the blueprints. Some of the most common reasons to reconfigure include:
With one of our office layout planners on your side, you’ll be able to realize these goals and more – all for a minimal cost. Through our experience and deep knowledge of office layouts, we’ll help transform your space into something you’ll be proud to show off.
  • Encourage collaboration and communication between employees
  • Adapt to changing business needs
  • Update the space after expanding or downsizing
  • Enhance workflow and productivity
  • Boost office morale and employee engagement
  • Make the office more aesthetically pleasing
  • Support new initiatives, such as flexible workstations
  • Maximize new furniture or technology
  • Help a cramped space feel more open and inviting
  • Foster a sense of comfort and community
  • Reinforce your brand identity and/or company culture

Reconfiguration vs. Redesign

Not sure if you should go for reconfiguration or one of our other services, such as a full redesign? Reconfiguration is a great, low-budget project that allows you to utilize the items you already have. If your furniture is in good condition, why replace it? If you like your current décor, keep it. Through reconfiguration, West Michigan Office Interiors can help you overcome spatial challenges and create a space that better fits your overall needs. Plus, it’s perfect if you’re not ready for the commitment of a full redesign.

Get Started Today

Sometimes a small change can do wonders for your office. If your current setup just isn’t working anymore, contact West Michigan Office Interiors. We have four separate locations throughout western Michigan. Together, we’ll discover new solutions that make your office more comfortable, efficient, and stylish for everyone who walks through the doors.