Covid 19 Customization

WMOI Covid Customization

Times are changing, but the changes that you need to make to adapt don’t have to be large.  We have the products and services to assist you with life’s changes.  West Michigan Office Interiors is here to assist our clients with products that combat the spread of viruses and still allow for stylish designs.
We have been keeping a close eye on the protective policies issued by the government and the healthcare system and implementing them at our company.  We are making customized products such as sneeze guards as well as promote fabrics and textiles that our clients need and desire.

Making the Workplace safe

  • Frequent cleaning of surfaces and workspaces for enhanced hygiene
  • Practicing the principles of physical distancing and adapting them for the workplace
  • Displaying Clear signage to support and remind people on safety techniques

How We Have Adapted

  • We have supplied for our employees and public sanitary gloves & face masks
  • Customized sneeze guards designed for our clients
  • At designated entrances of our facility we have sanitary stations as well as temperature checks.

WMOI Customized Sneeze Guards

During these difficult times the needs of our community is focused on protecting the people around us from diseases by using sneeze Guards.  We recognized these needs and found an affordable solution for our clients.  Temporary or fixed guards can be made to mount to your work surfaces or your walls.  These can come with small openings for transfers for your everyday usage.


During this Covid experience there is a need for materials in the office that can be cleaned effectively and efficiently.   The advancements of design and durability, we have fabric that will provide the experience you have dreamed of.


  • Disinfectant & Cleaner Compatibility
  • Bleach-Solution Cleanable
  • Sound Absorbent
  • Modern Style