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Remanufactured Furniture

If you’re in need of furniture for your office but don’t want to invest in brand new pieces, remanufactured office furniture is a smart, affordable option. West Michigan Office Interiors offers a huge inventory of beautifully restored refurbished options.

& Savings

Furniture is considered remanufactured when old, worn, or broken pieces are reclaimed by a manufacturer and made to look and function like new through a highly regulated restoration process. Whether you just need a few chairs or you’re looking to stock a brand new office, it’s a great way to save money without sacrificing style and comfort.
While new office furniture is certainly a worthy investment, it’s not always feasible. Buying remanufactured is the perfect alternative to purchasing new, as refurbished furniture is an attractive and more affordable option, saving you 30% – 50% percent. In addition to saving money, buying remanufactured is an environmentally friendly solution. Remanufacturing conserves natural resources, saves room in landfills, and lessens labor energy by 85% – 95%, making it easy for your business to go green.

West Michigan Office Interiors Cares About Your Satisfaction

In addition to our extensive remanufactured inventory of desks, tables, chairs, and other office furniture, West Michigan Office Interiors has the experience you need to create a custom office design. We’ve been providing environmentally friendly options for over 30 years, so we know how to provide the best remanufactured options at the right price. We don’t stop at the sale. We help you plan your space from start to finish and then deliver and install your office furniture for you.
West Michigan Office Interiors offers the highest quality remanufactured office furniture at the best prices. We’re experienced in providing green solutions to offices in the Holland, Grand Rapids, Ann Arbor, and Kalamazoo areas from the initial on-site consultation through delivery and installation. Customer service is our top priority, and we’re proud to provide no excuses, just results.

Custom Fabrics

What colors pops out and speak to you? Color has the ability to influence our feelings and mindset in the office.  A pop of color could come through your chairs, panels, or even your tack boards.   West Michigan Office Interiors has teamed up with the leading fabric and textile companies in the world to make your dreams a reality.  Each of our vendors have vast amounts of colors and pattern combinations to be the perfect match to your office projects.
Start your journey in remodeling your office with our top vendors.  Make the remodeling project a fun start with the colors that speak to you.

Pre-Owned Furniture

Hand picked by our team and provided by our recomended Vendors view and ask our Representatives about these great products.

Design Services

We are with you from the beggining to the end.

 HON Express Furniture

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