Remanufactured Furniture

When it comes to redecorating your office, your first instinct may be to look for the best deals on brand-new furniture. But whether you’re working with a tight budget or trying to avoid waste and make your space more environmentally friendly, West Michigan Office Interiors has a solution. Our wide selection of refurbished office furniture is beautifully restored to deliver the style and comfort your employees deserve — all while keeping your business’ carbon footprint and costs in check.

Our Refurbished Office Furniture Offerings

When furniture is refurbished by West Michigan Office Interiors, it has been transformed from its original state into functional pieces that look like new. We achieve this with a highly regulated restoration process, during which we reclaim aged pieces and provide our clients with the chance for customization. Our impressive lineup of refurbished office furniture includes:
          • Desks
          • Tables
          • Chairs


Our Manufacturing and Customization Process

For over 30 years, West Michigan Office Interiors has been dedicated to helping companies furnish their offices in a way that works best for them. Beyond offering new and pre-owned office furniture, we’ve developed a remanufacturing process that makes use of the Herman Miller and Haworth systems. That means any refurbished office furniture you purchase from us has been meticulously crafted by our experts and surpasses our rigorous standards for quality control.
Before we get started on your project, we’ll help with space planning to determine exactly what you need. During the manufacturing process, we’ll give you the option to customize any of your pieces with our diverse array of fabrics. We’ve teamed up with leading international fabric and textile companies, enabling us to offer our clients the patterns and pops of color that speak most to your company. That means you’ll have the ability to set the tone in your office with the right color scheme — one that will positively influence your employees and visiting clients alike. Just a few ideas for color customization include:
          • Chairs
          • Panels
          • Tack boards
Additionally, our service doesn’t stop when your products are complete. We’ll deliver your refurbished office furniture directly to your office and complete the installation. From start to finish, our process has proven to be the right choice for countless companies across Michigan, Northern Indiana, and Northern Ohio.

Benefits of Refurbished Furniture

Refurbished furniture offers an array of benefits for your company beyond those provided by our time-tested restoration process. Our customers never have to sacrifice style for a more manageable price. West Michigan Office Interiors’ attractive, customizable remanufactured furnishings typically save clients between 30% and 50% when compared to purchasing brand-new items.  
Is your organization committed to making greener choices? If so, refurbished products make it easy to reduce your environmental impact. An investment in remanufactured furniture is an investment in our environment, as the refurbishing process conserves natural resources, cuts down on waste and used items sent to landfills, and reduces labor energy by 85% to 95%.

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