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Quality Office Furniture in Western Michigan

West Michigan Office Interiors (WMOI) has been providing quality office furniture to our valued customers for over 30 years. We’ve grown our business through our commitment to personalized outreach, on-time results, and affordable pricing.


Tom and Chuck Schaap founded West Michigan Office Interiors in 1982. We started out as a used furniture dealer. Early on, we developed our process of remanufactured furniture. By taking used office furniture, using trusted Herman Miller and Haworth systems, we were able to breathe new life into the pieces and sell them for a fraction of what they would usually cost. As word spread about our high-quality and low-cost office furniture, the business grew exponentially. We now have four locations in the state that connect people with over 150 lines of office furniture.

The Importance of Quality Furniture/Services

The way a professional workplace is appointed can have a major impact, either positive or negative, on productivity and morale. More importantly, the long-term health effects of some office configurations can be daunting. Researchers have extensively studied the effects of the furniture and decor in office spaces. They often note that dull colors make workers bored, restless, and unproductive as a result. A splash of color and a touch of design integrated with functionality will improve the mood. It can also reduce clutter as workers are less inclined to cover surfaces with stacks of documents.

Recently, there has been a growing shift towards standing desks or other workstation setups that reduce the amount of time employees spend seated. At WMOI, we keep up with all this information to craft an office plan to optimize your office space and meet your needs.

Why WMOI Stands Out

WMOI is a trusted name in the industry because we take all the hassle out of furnishing your workspace. We are truly a one-stop shop. Customers can request a quote online and receive a prompt response from our team. Our sales representatives take the time to sit down and discuss each customer’s unique needs to design a workspace around. With that plan in hand, we can source or remanufacture the exact pieces. Then we’ll handle the delivery and installation. With all this under one roof, our clients don’t have to worry about the details. We manage the entire process, so our clients can handle their business.

Beyond the ease of working with WMOI, we also stand out for our longstanding commitment to the environment. Well before “going green” was in vogue, we were diverting truckloads of used office equipment from landfills by remanufacturing for use. Our commitment to the environment translates into significant savings for our customers!


WMOI has four locations in Michigan. In addition to our corporate headquarters in Holland, we also have locations in Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, allowing us to serve people across western Michigan. We have expanded to open a new branch in Ann Arbor, the anchor of our business in the eastern part of the state, where we are known as Michigan Office Interiors (MOI).

WMOI delivers results on time, and at prices our customers love. Talk to one of our experienced sales associates today to get started.

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