Pre Owned

High-Quality Pre-Owned Office Furniture

West Michigan Office Interiors has a remanufacturing process in place to make sure our used office furniture delivers the quality and level of performance you need. Our selection includes chairs, desks, file cabinets and tables from some of the industry’s top manufacturers, such as Steelcase, Haworth and Humanscale, just to mention a few.

Pre-Owned Office Chairs

The selection of used office chairs from West Michigan Office Interiors includes task, executive and guest seating. When you choose used furniture from this collection, you enjoy the assurance that each piece has met our stringent quality standards.

Prepare for a comfortable workday with our task and executive chairs. Make sure there’s a comfortable place for people to sit when visiting your office with pieces from our guest seating offerings.

Pre-Owned Desks

Our selection of used desks includes workstations that are designed to put everything you need to do your job well within easy reach. Whether you need a basic desk or one with a lot of storage space for files and office supplies, we have desks available to accommodate your available space and your unique needs.

A basic L-shaped desk fits neatly in a corner, or you can put several L-shaped desks together to create a work area for the whole team. Some of our larger used desks provide wall shelving to keep your workspace organized.

Pre-Owned File Cabinets

If your business generates a lot of documents, it’s important to keep them organized and easily accessible. File cabinets can help with that by providing a space that’s designated for each type of paperwork you generate in your business. An effective filing system is at the core of a well-run office, and our selection of file cabinets can help you maintain your paperwork.

Choose from our selection of pre-owned file cabinets that fit under or beside a desk or taller file cabinets that fit against the wall anywhere in the room.

Pre-Owned Tables

Shop this selection of used office tables to create a meeting place anywhere in the office building or to set up a comfortable break area. Pair a desk with guest seating to add a cozy effect.

If you like to move freely around your workspace to stimulate creativity, consider placing a file cabinet or workstation nearby to allow for flexibility in your work style. Putting the furnishings close together lets you move from one part of the room to the other without breaking your train of thought.

Pre-Owned Accessories

Consider adding accessories, like monitor arms, to your workstation. A monitor arm securely holds your monitor in place, so you know it isn’t going to fall or be easily knocked over.

These arms are bolted to the desktop through a grommet hole, and the integrated hinges let you adjust the monitor to the perfect position while you’re seated at your workstation.


We offer three tiers of shipping on pre-owned products based on distance from our headquarters. Once you’ve chose your products with our easy-to-use resources, we will deliver it to your dealership. Delivery schedules will be reported by our Sales Representatives and Installation team.

Contact Us For Your Used Office Furniture Needs

West Michigan Office Interiors offers a wide selection of contract furnishings. Our services include helping you plan the placement of each piece of furniture so you’re assured it’s going to fit in properly before you invest in it. We put together custom configurations that are unique to your needs.

Browse through our selection of color chip samples and fabric swatches to choose the perfect hues for your decor if you’re shopping our collection of new or remanufactured furnishings. Or, choose colors that match your office decor from our pre-owned furniture collection. Contact us today to start planning your functional office space.

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