Hon Cliq

Hon Cliq

Working together on projects has proven to make better results all around.

Bringing People Together

A welcome addition to any group chat, Cliq seating lets you take care of business from the moment you sit down. Designed with a weight-activated control that responds to your body and its movements, Cliq just gets you— providing instant comfort without a lot of adjustments. It’s light-scaled for a modern look that’s also easy to maneuver around wherever the group discussion takes you.

Featuring weight-activated control that responds to users as they sit, Cliq eliminates the need for multiple adjustments, making it the perfect solution for spaces that support a wide array of users.

Top Features

  • Weight-activated control
  • Sleek, modern back & arm design
  • Ideal applications include conference rooms, touchdown sites, collaborative areas, and training spaces
  • Fixed arms or armless
  • Attractively priced with a wide array of features
  • HON Full Lifetime Warranty
  • Conference-height option

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